Another Dimension - Why We Love Both Veganuary and Dry January 2021

January is a big month at Another Dimension.  I celebrate 4 years alcohol free, having informally taken part in Dry January 2017. My drinking had been reducing over a number of years, in particular since becoming a dad in late 2014.  Dry January really helped me focus on finding alternative drinks to satisfy my beer cravings and it was around the time that beers like Nanny State appeared, as well as beers from Big Drop and Nirvana, which were a revelation.

I also started to question quite deeply the whole alcohol industry.  I became more aware of and uncomfortable about how we use alcohol to mark every occasion in life, out of both habit and tradition but also due to a lack of readily available alternatives.

When you realise that you HAVE to drink alcohol to relax, to socialise, to celebrate, to commiserate, to party, to be brave and so on, it hits you that you are addicted, in many ways, although most drinkers would probably not consider themselves so.  A good test of this is to stop drinking for a whole month and see how challenging this is for you.  Loads of supportive material to help is online if you want to break the habit. Of course, we recommend swapping your favourite alcoholic drinks for tasty alcohol free alternatives such as our Pale Ale.

It is also Veganuary, a huge month for anyone wanting to give veganism a try.  I have taken part every year since the first one in 2014, after becoming vegan in October of 2013, following an eye-opening talk by Juliet Gellatley of the charity Viva, about the horrors of the dairy industry, at Vegfest London that year.

A similar talk from the same era can be found on Youtube

Becoming vegan is one of the best things you can do for your health and the planet.  It is also great for the animals of course and knowing you are not contributing to animal cruelty and slaughter is much healthier for your conscience.  All Another Dimension beers and merch will always be vegan friendly and cruelty free.

In these challenging times it will be harder than normal to commit to all out change by giving up alcohol, meat and dairy completely straight away.  Smaller changes can be easier to commit to, such as not drinking alcohol during the week, or swapping dairy milk for oat milk in your tea.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to try.  If our beer helps you on your journey, please share your experience with us ❤️💚.

Joe R.