Our Story

Another Dimension Brew Co was formed in Brighton in 2019 to create a range of full flavoured, low alcohol beers that are 100% suitable for vegans.

We are vegan owned and all our beers are vegan friendly.  We aim to be a sustainable and eco friendly business with a low environmental impact.  Our brewing process employs minimal water and materials wastage and we are working towards a goal of having both plastic free can labels and packaging.


From Joe, Another Dimension's Founder:

Like all of my peers, drinking alcohol was a huge part of my culture from an early age.  All occasions involved drinking and it was central to early rites of passage in parks and house parties, then pubs, nightclubs, holidays and festivals. Drinking to excess several times a week was normal through my university days into my early 20s and was the focus of most work socials.


As my career developed, successful teams were bonded on trips to the pub.  There were good times but it's easy to forget the days written off with hangovers and the negative impact on both mental and physical health.


When I informally took part in Dry January in 2017 after becoming a parent, I didn’t plan to stop drinking alcohol for good but I quickly realised how much better I felt and I also loved discovering new low alcohol craft beers.


What frustrated me was that many of these beers were not suitable for a vegan like me, which limited what I could try. Those I did try tasted decent but none were like the hop forward beers I loved drinking, so I felt driven to create my own.

It’s my mission to brew full flavoured, hop forward beers that are always suitable for vegans.

Joe Reader

Founder - Another Dimension